Feeling unsafe in public areas after dawn has a disproportionately negative impact on womxn in contrast to male presenting people. Because of the constant feeling of unsafety womxn are often pushed to change their lifestyle and mode of transportation as a result. We must make sure that everyone can access and use public areas safely. What seems to be obvious for one part of the society is a life threatening reality for another. According to UN Women, apps & online helplines can often be life-saving for marginalised people.

As a response we created Dusk
- safety solution for womxn
& LGBTQ+ community.


Dusk consists of an app and
a handheld device.

The app connects you to a community providing you with companionship and support.
The key fob called Luna, it is a screenless product connected to the app. It contains a GPS tracker that allows you to notify friends and people around you when in distress.

The Dusk App


Lets you notify friends,
people nearby and authorities
in case of emergency. 


Shows you safe routes
and allows you to rate
buddies after a walk


The app connects you
with walking buddies to
accompany you during
your journey back home.
The system screens
and verifies it’s users
creating a safe and unique
community of night walkers.


Classes, events, workshops
and in-app courses will provide
you with self defence knowledge
and more.


When in danger or out of phone battery life, Luna allows you to notify authorities by simply pushing the SOS button, it will also start a loud alarm and a strong light to blind / scare the attacker. You can also update your status to nervous by squeezing the device and your buddies will be notified.

Our solution is not only an app but it’s also a community. It connects you to people giving you a sense of companionship and support when walking alone threw the city. 

As a community we can change the statistics.

Dusk is a collaborative project created by Alice Harper, Breagh Baird, Haya Khalifa, Zosia Klara and me - Olga Mrozek.