EXOMOON was an immersive theater experience that delved into humanity's prospects in space. A collaborative effort between Theatre Neumarkt, SEADS, and the CHAMELEON exoplanet research group, the performance took place from September 6th to the 20th, 2023.

The production encouraged the audience to contemplate the potential appearance of our future habitat beyond Earth, as well as the values, identity, and knowledge we intended to carry with us. It explored contemporary human endeavors and cultural expressions, while examining the personal introspection involved in transitioning from a terrestrial environment to a hypothetical space habitat orbiting a moon around an exoplanet.

During this layered and multi-sensory journey, visitors encountered an entirely novel setting, fostering unexpected encounters and the creation of uncharted possibilities in diverse worlds. This experience allowed for a fresh perspective on ourselves. With space exploration becoming increasingly integrated into human culture, EXOMOON provided a preview of the forthcoming era of unfamiliar environments, as our colonization ventures extend beyond Earth's atmosphere. Alongside captivating performances by Yan Balistoy, Sofia Elena Borsani, Challenge Gumbodete, and Melina Pyschn, there was a daily guest performance featuring various scientists and artists.

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