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MIDO is a modular toy that frees children from gender stereotypes through interactive engagement. This service aims to teach children about diversity, supporting new passions and interests.

YEAR 2025 - scientist and sociologists realised that the society needs a rapid change or people will keep struggling with their identity which negatively affect development in all areas.
In response the government established a Ministry of Integrity and Diversity (MID). It is an approach supported by a growing body of international evidence which shows that countries with more equal societies typically enjoy stronger, more sustainable growth over the long run. Their task is to change social habits in all aspects of life providing establishing society free from gender stereotypes that encourage individuality.

project exploration

There is a range of behaviors that is generally considered appropriate or desirable for people based on their gender. This project is driven by my belief that gender stereotypes/ roles are harmful to the development of our population.
I believe that it is necessary for the society to make some changes within the value system and decide on their priorities.

Is preparing a child for a life in a binary world a solution to their moral and identity dilemmas? Allowing gender stigmas to affect the youngest citizens is simultaneous with agreeing to take away their freedom of thought, the possibility of making conscious decisions and self-expression. The hope stands that teaching about diversity and open mindedness can lead to happiness and fulfillment for all.

As gender is a social issue I started many conversations with people in public spaces. Through talking to various characters and personas I managed to gather a wide range of interpretations around this topic.

When exploring ways in which the service could work, I kept in mind that ideally, it would be a part of the governmental scheme. For this reason I researched the already existing socio-political programs. This led me to develop a future scenario where Ministry of Integrity and Diversity has a place. 



The Ministry of Integrity and Diversity consists of three departments:

Name of the department:

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of
the department:

Workforce Equality department

The purpose of this department is to work with businesses to address long standing barriers in the labour market so that everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Child Development -
Family Department

This department is responsible for child’s development within the household. It encourages and helps parents to spend time with their children in diversified way. Making sure that children are raised in a space that is free from gender stereotypes, allowing for their full potentials to flourish.

Education and Teaching Strategies department

The Inclusive Education department investigates gender inequalities within the educational system. With an identified problem it offers teaching strategies for supporting children and students with their development conveying the equality of genders in various areas of life. This department offers a wide range of tools to help a school with diverse needs.

At fully inclusive schools, all students are welcome and are able to take part in all aspects of school life. Diversity is respected and upheld. Inclusive schools believe all students are confident, connected, actively involved and lifelong learners. Students’ identities, abilities, and talents are recognised and affirmed and their learning needs are addressed.

How does it work?



What’s in the MIDO box?

A set of building blocks and an app when played with, teach children about diversity and encourage
non-stereotypical thinking supporting new passions and interests.

As a part of the Government Equalities Office the aim of MIDO is to change social habits in all aspects of life, establishing a society free from gender stereotypes and encouraging individuality.