Perfect Us

In this project, I aim to provoke thought, ignite creativity, and foster dialogue about potential futures. Through speculative design, we envision alternative worlds, while critical design scrutinizes existing paradigms, prompting reflection on the status quo.

At the heart of this project lies a critical perspective on the future of precision medicine and its intersection with cancer. It serves as a commentary on societal greed and the ceaseless pursuit of an elusive notion of perfection. Through design, we challenge the status quo, prompting a deeper reflection on the ethical dimensions of medical advancements.

With thanks to the Insititue of Cancer Sciences Scotland and its specialists who have been an invaluable partner throughout the project.

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine is a personalized healthcare approach that considers an individual's genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle. It uses this information to tailor medical treatments and interventions to the specific needs of each person. This approach aims to enhance treatment effectiveness and minimize potential side effects. The Future Experience project explores how advances in Precision Medicine affect the landscape of cancer care in 2028.


In my future scenario, widespread accessibility to knowledge about genes and precision medicine leads to significant advancements in self and organism control, effectively preventing cancer. This era is marked by an aspiration for ideal lives, relationships, and offspring. Enter 'The Perfect Us,' a tool that identifies partners compatible on a genetic level. More compatible genes result in longer lasting and stronger relationships. Additionally, it ensures an opportunity to select an ideal genetic match for reproduction, ensuring a healthy, cancer-free, and well designed offspring.

In this paradigm, relationships become a collective responsibility, leaving no room for errors as we collectively combat cancer across generations. 'Perfect Us' empowers complete control, collaborating with precision medicine experts to not only minimize the occurrence of cancer but potentially eradicate it altogether, enabling a life of seamless perfection at every turn.

'Perfect Us' acts as an advisor, saving us from unsuitable relationships and the time spend with the incorrect people. It illuminates our harmonious matches, offering a gentle nudge to approach matters of the heart with thoughtful deliberation. Through this, we aspire to underscore the importance of deliberate connections, transcending the realm of love driven solely by impulsive emotions and uncontrolled attraction.

The chip

'Perfect Us' consists of a compact chip and a user-friendly application. Utilizing it is a breeze—just position the chip in your pocket or wear it around your neck for heightened accuracy. The chip scans and analyzes the surrounding air for traces of saliva, a common component of human breath and also detects their associated pheromones for added assurance in identifying the ideal genomic match. Upon detecting compatible saliva particles, the chip will either gently vibrate or emit a radiant glow, depending on the selected mode. The intensity of the vibration or glow will serve as your beacon, becoming stronger the closer you get to your match.

Detailed result analysis

To find additional information about your match download the Perfect Us app where you will find detailed description about your compatibility. The app also offers potential reproductive details.
With scientific advances in precision medicine it can be predicted which genes are being passed on to our kids. Moreover, we can manipulate those genes to control the future of our kids tendency’s and lifestyle choices to make sure that our kids live healthy, cancer free lives.

Social impact

As we envision the future influenced by precision medicine and personalized connections, we encounter pivotal societal questions. These prompt us to contemplate the direction we're heading. Let's consider:

  1. The Quest for Perfection: Are our aspirations for an ideal life, perfect relationships, and flawless offspring within reach, or do they set unattainable standards? What impact might this pursuit have on our well-being and contentment?
  2. Defeating the Cancer Menace: How can we collectively address the pressing issue of cancer prevention? What role do we play in a society that values not only personal health but also the health of future generations?
  3. Genetic Compatibility and Ethical Dilemmas: When it comes to matters of the heart and family planning, how should we navigate the ethical landscape of using genetic information to find ideal partners and ensure healthy progeny?
  4. Shared Responsibility for Health: What does it mean to be part of a society that acknowledges the collective responsibility in combating health challenges like cancer? How might this shift in perspective influence our actions and choices?
  5. Striking a Balance in Relationships: As technology guides us toward compatible connections, how do we strike a balance between individual agency and external influence in matters of the heart? What role should our personal preferences play in our relationships?
  6. Ethical Crossroads in Precision Medicine: What are the ethical boundaries surrounding the use of precision medicine and genetic insights? How can we ensure that privacy, consent, and the potential consequences of genetic manipulation are addressed with utmost consideration?

These questions do not demand immediate answers, but rather serve as signposts, encouraging thoughtful contemplation. As we embark on this journey toward a future shaped by precision medicine and personalized relationships, let us navigate it with intention, empathy, and a collective commitment to the well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and the generations yet to come.