Perfect Us

This project is a critical take on the topic of future of precision medicine and cancer. It comments societal greed and constant search for perfection. 
With thanks to the Insititue of Cancer Sciences who have been an invaluable partner throughout the project.

What is precision medicine?

Precision Medicine aims to match treatments to individual patients by taking into account their genetic make-up, medical history, test results and other distinct characteristics. The Future Experience project explores how advances in Precision Medicine affect the landscape of cancer care in 2028.


In my future scenario I imagine that knowledge about genes and precision medicine is widely available. Medical and technological advances allow for more self/organism control and help to prevent cancer. People crave perfect life, perfect relationships and perfect kids. 

The Perfect Us helps to find a partner compatible on a genetical level. More compatible genes result in longer lasting and stronger relationships. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to find the perfect person for reproduction. Making sure that the baby is just the way we want it to be: healthy, cancer free and beautiful.

Our relationships are a social responsibility. There is no space for mistakes and together we can fight cancer generation by generation. Perfect Us allows full control and with help from precision medicine specialists it can minimize occurrence of cancer, if not desist it completely. Living flawless life every step of the way.

‘Perfect us’ will save us from unnecessary relationships and time spend with the wrong people. We want people to see that we have the flawless match, shaming those who were fooled by love and uncontrolled attraction.

How to use the chip?

Using Perfect Us is easy, simply place the chip in your pocket or around your neck (for more accurate results). It will analise the air around you looking for particles of saliva normally found in human breath (along with their pheromones for additional reassurence) to find the perfect genomic match. When compatible saliva particles are detected the chip will vibrate or shine (depending on the chosen mode). Strength of vibration/light will guide you towards your match, the closer you are the stronger it gets.

Where to find the detailed  results?

To find additional information about your match download the Perfect Us app where you will find detailed description about your compatibility. The app also provides possible reproduction information.
With scientific advances in precision medicine it can be predicted which genes are being passed on to our kids. Moreover, we can manipulate those genes to control the future of our kids tendency’s and lifestyle choices to make sure that our kids live healthy, cancer free lives.