Prototyping 2040

Prototyping 2040 is a book presenting four scenarios for western civilisation in 2040, based on thousands of signals of change critically analysed by FutureS Thinking experts from the Greenhat team.

The book presents a vision of four prototypes for western civilisation in the year 2040. To create the prototypes, the FutureS Thinking team critically researched and discussed matters from various fields. The prototypes revolve around issues of social, economic and environmental importance. We looked at such aspects as work, everyday life, mobility, city planning, industry and finance. In addition, we investigated a number of key values that determine each of those aspects. The prototypes were created to inspire organisations, businesses and institutions to think with a longer perspective, and help them prepare for the changes which, in our opinion, are inevitable.

The four scenarios:

Kind Capitalism

Kind Capit alism is a new economic and social order. A seemingly impossible mutation of capitalism, where those who have share their wealth to save the system. The future of the masses lies in the hands of corporate executives.

Active Restoration

Something had to change in our approach to the world – and it did. The profit-oriented mindset has been replaced with a mindset that cares about the Earth. Wise statehood initiates and stimulates private and public organisations' actions for the lasting restoration of the environment.

Less Is Enough

Growth has stalled. The permanent crisis prompts society to look for solutions at the local level. People try to solve macro problems using micro solutions. Municipalities, mayors, local businesses, residents' associations, pop-up action groups and local companies work together to address the most urgent issues and to restore a clean environment around them.

Self Consumed

Companies maximise profits. Consumers are too busy consuming. States are too weak and need to resort to oppression and manipulation to survive. International consensus has not been achieved. Despite lofty pledges, the environment is still being poisoned. The economy has stalled.

Prototyping 2040 serves as an invaluable handbook, providing practical tools for shaping innovative processes. Filled with concrete and comprehensive insights, this book equips readers with the know-how to leverage future-oriented concepts and seamlessly integrate them within their organizations. Specifically tailored for those seeking a fresh narrative to drive their business development strategies forward.

Speculative design is a transformative asset for businesses. It sparks innovation by encouraging fresh, forward-thinking ideas, positioning companies as industry leaders. Additionally, it grants businesses the ability to foresee and adapt to future trends, ensuring they stay competitive. By putting users at the center, speculative design leads to products and services that resonate deeply, fostering customer satisfaction and unwavering brand loyalty.

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In this project I worked as a researcher, foresight analyst, illustrator and concept creator.

This project received an IF DESIGN AWARD 2023